Friday, August 17, 2012

Class News

We have done very well in our academic first week. Just a friendly reminder that your student is expected to turn in the first weekly reading log on Monday and will receive a new blank log in the Monday folder. Today we began our first Friday Letter of the school year. I worked with the students to format the paragraphs. As the year continues, they will take increasing responsibility for the wording and it becomes a lot of fun to read. It hopefully summarizes the points of interest in your child’s school week. The last line of the letter should always say, "Please write back." You are encouraged to read the letter and write any comments that you like for the student to read. Your comments are private. We don’t share the student letters in class and I only read their letters for evaluation.

Open House is Thursday, August 23 from  5-7.  I hope you can make it.

Check out one of  STAR students practicing READ TO SELF during our Daily 5 Reading Block.