Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome to Week 2

Wow! The first few days flew fast. Now we are ready to begin a normal routine in here. We spent last week getting to know one another and enjoyed Olympic Events on Friday. The students all competed in fun events that helped them get to know one another.

Now that our first week is over we will begin our normal homework routine. Information will be coming home in the Monday folder today. Spelling City has been locked up, so for now students can complete the spelling Bingo sheet in the folder. As soon as it's working I will let you know. The new words for this week should be glued inside the planner. I will give the test on Friday in class. The activities they complete for spelling should be stapled to the BINGO sheet and turned in on Friday morning.

Please sign your child's planner each night. All homework will be written in the other section of the planner. This will ensure a good home school connection.

We could use some of the following items for our classroom. Old chapter books, kid magazines, and bandaids. Thank you!

I'm looking forward to another great week with my ANGEL CLASS!