Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Class News!

Spelling tests will be due on Thursday this week since there is no school on Friday. The math extra credit project that was due on October 12th has been extended to Monday, October 15th. We will have a math test on Topic 3 on Thursday of next week if you want to review over the weekend.

Box tops are due by October 18th so if you have some at home please send them in so our class can win.

Next week I'm doing a lesson on synonyms. The students are making SYNONYM BUNS with words for a fun hands on way to remember them and use them in their writing. I would like to serve them cinnamon buns too just to make it fun for them. If you are willing to make some nice warm cinnamon buns please let me know.

Mr. S will be teaching for me on Thursday. My daughter qualified for the county swim meet competition for Mel High and I will be at the meet with her all day on Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed for her. It's her first big meet and she just began swimming competitively this year. I'm such a proud mommy and very embarrassing when I cheer her on! She thought she was safe since I would normally be at work. Deep down I know she really wants me there.

October 31st we will dress like scarecrows. Students may wear jeans, plaid shirts, and boots. This will be a fun way to celebrate Fall. Our class celebration will be on October 26th at 12:00. Our room parent will be contacting parents to help out with supplies and food very soon.