Thursday, October 4, 2012

Science Homework Due October 9th

Science Fair Research Homework Due October 9th

I’m working with students in class in creating a class project to take them through the steps of the scientific method. As homework this week I’m requiring students to research the parts of a lima bean plant, how plants grow in soil, and how plants grow in water (hydroponics). They can copy diagrams and take notes, as well as print information at home to bring to class. Many of the students have amazing background knowledge in the area of plants and germination already. Students will share the data in class next week and I’ll show them how to summarize the information they gather. Students should bring the information they collect to class to share on October 9th. Our class project should be complete by October 18th. This should give them plenty of time to move forward with projects of their own if they choose to do a project. Remember their projects are not due until the first week of December.