Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday News

        At Indialantic Elementary thoughts of helping others in need is a tradition of our holiday. This year the plight of the coastal New Jersey residents, victims of the powerful Hurricane Sandy, is on our minds. There are some similiarities in our communites. Most obvious is the fact that we know hurricanes and the damage they do. Through our teacher community we learned of a school in Monmouth, New Jersey which experienced heavy flooding that destroyed books and materials, along with damage to buildings.
           Our school is adopting Monmouth Beach School to assist in replacing the damaged supplies and library books that are parts of the teachers' collections and not replaced through school district insurance. Other beach schools are joining the effort to restore classroom materials.
           Informtion came out through Mrs. Jones, our Guidance Counselor and our PTO. In our classrroom, room mothers are providing a coin jar for change from the students and anyone who wants to give. Indialantic is always generous, and I know we will join in the effort to help. We have all seen how small donations can grow to accomplish a lot when everyone is involved in some way. Our Room Moms are standing by to wotk with PTO and help us with our role in the process.

Holiday Class Party
Mrs. Donovan’s class will be pairing with Mrs. Whitner’s class to make penguin cookies and have a hot cocoa bar with a movie following in both rooms. If you would like to send in the hot cocoa and/or any bar items, please email me at lacolville@aim.com and let me know.  Mrs. Donovan will take care of the penguin cookies.
Items we would need:
Hot cocoa mix