Friday, January 18, 2013

In Our Class This Week!

I apologize but Blogger is having issues and the photos I took this week will not upload.

Just a few reminders:
Writing Prompts are due each FRIDAY. The list of prompts were sent home last week and students will be given essay paper each Monday inside the Monday folder.

I've looked over the amazing prompts from this week. One thing to keep in mind. They should write for 1 hour. If they are still writing at 1 hour, have them make a line at 60 minutes in the margin and have them finish.

They should fill up the front and most of the back of the page. This is the same amount of space they will get on test day.

Ten Mark's Math
Don't forget that Ten Marks is due each Monday. Students will be given 3-4 assignments each week to complete.

Oreo's are needed for a lunar cycle model in Science this coming week if you wouldn't mind donating a pack. Thank you for supporting our class.

Math books should remain at home for homework.

Have a great weekend and don't forget the reading logs on Tuesday.