Sunday, March 31, 2013


Parents please sign up for reminder text messages about homework etc.
text @841ee to (754) 333-5296
That's it! When I send a text you will get it! I may even send extra credit. The kids can sign up too.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Kahn Academy How to Sign Up Video

Link to Kahn Sign Up!!

Kahn Academy for our Class!

Please take a moment to watch this video. I had a few students sign up for Kahn Academy. If you would like to sign  your child up my coach code is:1524291656

Kahn Academy is an amazing resource and it's free!


Enjoy a short video from our DNA lab today. Students are coming home wearing their DNA necklaces. It turns out they were plastic and not glass. I was thrilled about that. Have a wonderful SPRING BREAK! While your out and about please ask your child if they need to replenish any supplies to finish the school year.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This Friday we will be doing a lab extracting DNA. Gwen’s mom is our guest expert scientist and will lead us through several steps for this investigation. Students will use cheek cells and actually extract the DNA from the cells with a kit provided by BioRad. If all goes as planned students will be coming home with strands of their own DNA floating inside a glass heart that can be worn as a necklace. We will be wrapping the hearts in bubble wrap for the trip home. We don’t encourage them to wear them to school since they are fragile. The DNA that we are extracting  is done in such a way that there is no identifiable information. If you don’t want your child to participate for any reason please let me know and speak to them so they understand. They can be science helpers that day and still participate without using their own DNA. Mrs. Colville has a molecular background and we are thrilled to have her as our volunteer Bio-Rad Science Ambassador. I do need a few volunteers to help that morning if you would like to join us. We will begin in the science lab around 9:30 and finish up in about an hour. Email me right away if you can attend please. Thanks!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Factoring in Math

Spring Has Sprung at the Donovan's

Introducing the newest addition to my family. I just had to share with you. We have 2 little chicks now. At the moment they are living in my shower with a light on them. I woke up to chirping this morning. My husband is not the happiest guy around. All that matters is that my daughter is thrilled. Our spring break plans now include building a chicken coop. That is probably why Mr. Donovan is shaking his head. I figured this is the closest thing to farm animals we will ever get living in Indialantic. The baby chicks will come to visit our class this week. Yes...I'm crazy!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Time for Kids Homework Information

The following homework will begin March 18th. Time for Kid books will be sent home on Monday. Feel free to work ahead if you wish.

NEW Time for Kids Homework Due Every Friday!

We are taking a break from spelling homework to focus on informational text. Please save this sheet for the assignments for the next 3 weeks.

Homework for the week of March 18th

Issues 5,6,7

Homework for the week of April 1st

Issues 8,9,10

Homework for the week of April 8th

Issues 11,12,13

Please read the following article issues in Time for Kids.

After reading each issue write a summary response about the article including the following within the written response:

1.     The Main Idea and Details

2.    Include 3 or more facts that you found in the article.

3.    Give your opinion about the article related it to yourself, world or text.


This must be detailed, neat, with the correct heading for full credit. Please use a separate sheet for each article and turn it in stapled together with the correct heading for full credit. This is a language arts and reading grade.


Headings must include:

Name, Date, Article # and Pages



Friday Fun Day!

Wow! What a day! Lucky Friday was a big success. Thank you to all of the kids that brought in treats to share. We designed our leprechaun traps, enjoyed a performance by Cassie and her family as well as Megan from Mrs. Whitner's class. We finished the day up with a hands on science experiment on surface tension and cohesion. I'm ready for the weekend. Please enjoy the videos from another great week in the OWL class.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lucky Friday Tomorrow

Dear Parents,

This Friday we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We will have Irish Step Dancing performances by two of our own students and create” leprechaun traps” as part of our reading and math lessons that day. We will be providing all of the items necessary to create the “Leprechaun Traps.” We are creating iMovies of the class with a secret “lucky” question as the topic.

If you would like to send in some St. Patrick’s Day cookies for your child to share that would appreciated. We have 22 students so please be sure to send in enough cookies for everyone. Don’t forget to wear GREEN! Traps will be coming home for use on Sunday. Good Luck!

Mrs. Donovan and Mrs. Whitner


Friday, March 8, 2013

Mobile Devices In the Classroom

Video of our class using the Socrative App.
Using this app I can create quizzes, exit surveys, and tests. This is great tool for assessment in our class and the possiblities are endless. Using mobile devices students log in to our virtual classroom to answer questions and respond to questions that I create. They can even play in teams and they love it. The best part for me is that all of the data is graded and emailed to me instantly. I will be assigning this to help with homework especially in math. The app can be used on the computer as well.

I have an activity planned for Monday that involves students using a mobile device. If they have an i-phone, I touch, or an Ipad please encourage them to bring it to school. I have extra I pads in class so everyone will be able to participate. Please ask them to download SOCRATIVE this weekend. The student version please. Thanks so much.

Decimal Fun Video

We did a fun lesson today while learning about decimals. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shark Research Project

Today we researched some of the issues surrounding sharks. Students will be researching to find a global issue in our oceans. Below are some of the links to get them started. I will be doing the project with them in class, however they may find the follow links helpful to reserach and gather information at home.
In addition they have been assigned a shark to research for this project!

Commercial Fishing Using Fads

Sharks Being Killed for Their Fins|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|t

Sport Fishing Information Link

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spelling Homework Contract

               Spelling Choice Menu
Donovan & Whitner
Directions for spelling this month: Complete four different activities a week in order to prepare for Friday spelling tests. Write your name at the top of the page(s), and clip turn it in by Friday Morning.

1. Hidden Words: Draw a winter picture and HIDE your spelling words within it.
2. Practice Test: Have an adult quiz you on your spelling words.
3. Advertisement: Create an advertisement for a real or imaginary product using at least 10 of your spelling words.
4. Poem: Write a poem (or poems) of your choice using at least 10 of your spelling words. Some choices are haiku, concrete, two voice, free verse, limerick, rhyming, or letter poem. You can look these up online.
5. Pronoun Sentences: Write a sentence for each of your spelling words. Include and underline a pronoun for each sentence.
6. Tech Spelling: Use word, Google docs, Educreations, or another program to write/type your spelling words using a variety of fonts and colors.
7. Spelling Stairs: Write all of your words in stair format. Add one letter each time until you get to the end of the word.
8. Snapshot!: Find a picture in a magazine to write about. Write a paragraph describing this picture in detail using at least 10 of your spelling words. Include your five senses when writing this descriptive paragraph! I should be able to make a mental picture from your words!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Seuss Celebration Video

Thank you for all the yummy Seuss Snacks that were sent in today. We had a wonderful time today celebrating a legend! Take a moment to see all the fun we had while we learned about Dr. Seuss.

Decimals Coming Our Way!

Next week we're moving on to Topic 12. I'm attaching a video to help students understand place value and decimals before Monday. Have a nice weekend.