Friday, March 8, 2013

Mobile Devices In the Classroom

Video of our class using the Socrative App.
Using this app I can create quizzes, exit surveys, and tests. This is great tool for assessment in our class and the possiblities are endless. Using mobile devices students log in to our virtual classroom to answer questions and respond to questions that I create. They can even play in teams and they love it. The best part for me is that all of the data is graded and emailed to me instantly. I will be assigning this to help with homework especially in math. The app can be used on the computer as well.

I have an activity planned for Monday that involves students using a mobile device. If they have an i-phone, I touch, or an Ipad please encourage them to bring it to school. I have extra I pads in class so everyone will be able to participate. Please ask them to download SOCRATIVE this weekend. The student version please. Thanks so much.