Friday, March 15, 2013

Time for Kids Homework Information

The following homework will begin March 18th. Time for Kid books will be sent home on Monday. Feel free to work ahead if you wish.

NEW Time for Kids Homework Due Every Friday!

We are taking a break from spelling homework to focus on informational text. Please save this sheet for the assignments for the next 3 weeks.

Homework for the week of March 18th

Issues 5,6,7

Homework for the week of April 1st

Issues 8,9,10

Homework for the week of April 8th

Issues 11,12,13

Please read the following article issues in Time for Kids.

After reading each issue write a summary response about the article including the following within the written response:

1.     The Main Idea and Details

2.    Include 3 or more facts that you found in the article.

3.    Give your opinion about the article related it to yourself, world or text.


This must be detailed, neat, with the correct heading for full credit. Please use a separate sheet for each article and turn it in stapled together with the correct heading for full credit. This is a language arts and reading grade.


Headings must include:

Name, Date, Article # and Pages