Tuesday, April 30, 2013

From Egg to Chick!

Our classes are loving the chicks! So much to see that we are giving tours of the "Hatchery" to older and younger students around the school. Thanks to Lincoln's grandparents for such a wonderful presentation yesterday and the 36 eggs that have been hatching since yesterday morning!
Watch and enjoy!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Field Day is Coming!

Field Day May 3rd 12:35-2:00

Don't forget to wear your school short, sunscreen and a hat. You will also need a water bottle! Good luck to everyone.

Science Learning About Airplanes!

What is Jack doing? I think his plane crashed.
We were happy to have Mr. Lammer's join us as a guest speaker yesterday. He is the author of several paper airplane books. Please take a moment to enjoy the video. He also has a free app on paper airplanes. His books are available through the following links.

The iPad app - go to the apple app store and search "World Record Paper Airplanes"

 On amazon, here ar the direct links:

 World Record Paper Airplane Book:

Kids Book:

Pocket Flyers:



Thursday, April 25, 2013

This is for you PARENTS! Just take a moment to watch!

If you're like me you may feel like you're a hamper on a wheel at times. I came across this and it's a good reminder to slow down. As this school year comes to an end I can agree that the days are LONG but the year was SHORT.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hatching Chicks in Class

Next week will have an incubator in class with eggs. If all goes well we should have some chicks hatching soon. I told the kids they are welcome to have one if they got permission from their family. I just adopted two chickens of my own. I will tell you that you will need a coop and atleast 2 chickens. They don't like to be alone. It's big investment and they do poop alot. To me it's worth it...they are really fun. If you think you may like to have some chickens please email me. They will need a heat lamp the first few weeks before they can be outside in a coop. Supplies can be purchased at Tractor Supply on 1-92 near Sam's Club. Coops can be made or found at Tractor Supply as well.

This is a great way to end the year for our students. I hope they will always remember this science activity.

My cat and chick. One big happy family!

Class Talent Show

Our Class Talent Show Will be on May 22 (Our Last Day of School)

Our class will perform for Mrs. Whitner Class and they will perform for us. Students are not required to participate this is just for fun. I'm asking that students who wish to join in sign up in class. If they need special music or materials please be sure they have that in plenty of time. I have a CD player and a microphone. If they plan to wear a cosutme they can bring it to school that day. I will video tape it and post it to the blog for everyone to see.

Some Ideas:

Thanks for helping them practice at home!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Long Division Lessons

Watch These for the BASICS!
 Cool New Way To Do LONG Division


Bike to School With Mrs. Donovan May 8th


May 8th is bike to school day. Last year I had parents drop their children off at my house in Rio Villa and we all rode to school together. I would love to do the same thing again this year. Students can be dropped off with their bikes at my house at 7:15 and we will leave at 7:20. If there is a parent who could ride along with us I would appreciate it. One adult in the front and one in the back is my goal.

At dismissal you will have to make plans for your child since I have to stay at school. Please be sure you make a plan before that day. I hope the kids can join me. Siblings are also welcome who attend Indialantic.




We LOVE our Earth!


Quality Literature Information Due April 30th!

Discovering Quality Literature

We are looking for “Quality Literature” across the school as part of the district competition Discovering Quality Literature Day.


          All students are expected to participate and share their creativity as well as their writing skills, by writing and illustrating a book. The following guidelines will help your child as he/she writes, illustrates and binds a book to be shared with the rest of the class.


·        Every child should participate by writing an original book.

·        A piece should be written that fits into one of genres provided by the teacher.

·        The writing idea should be the student’s.

·        Parental help is suggested for “publishing”.

·        Editing should be complete, with all errors corrected.

·        Writing should be neat and legible. If typed, fonts should be readable.

·        Original illustrations are encouraged.

·        Books should be bound.

·        Each book should include a title page at the beginning and an author’s page at the end; with the child’s name, current picture, and a short biography.

·        Books are due no later than April 30, 2013.


Two books will be chosen from each fourth grade class to be entered into the school-wide Discovering Quality Literature competition at Indialantic Elementary.  Winners at the school level will compete with other winning books in the county.  Good luck to all!


Book Ideas!


ABC Book


Animal Story (factual)

Animal Story (fictional)



Class Book

Class Newspaper

Comic Book


Digital Storybook

Expository Book

Fairy Tale


Handbook and/or Guide

Historical Fiction

Humorous Text

Innovation on Text


Me Book


Number Book

Partner Book

Photo Essay

Poetry Collection

Realistic Story

Rhyming Book

Science Fiction

Tall Tale

Wordless Picture Book


Thank you,

Mrs. Donovan

Friday, April 19, 2013

Pizza, Ice Cream and Henna Designs Party!

FCAT is over! The kids showed great STAMINA!

Thank you to all of our families for the delicious breakfast items that were sent in this week. Rosamaria's family send in pizza for our class and Mrs. Whitner's. The Terry family made an ice cream bar outside for dessert. Mrs. Imami did henna art on everyone who had permission. It was a great celebration for all of us.

Snowcone Celebration! Yippeee Testing is Over!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pen Pals Good Luck On the FCAT!

Henna Art This Thursday!

Mrs. Imami has offered to do Henna Art again during our pizza party this Thursday. If your child would like henna art and you give them permission I need a note stating that they can have henna art with your signature and the date. Thanks so much!

Monday, April 15, 2013


     Thank you to the parents who sent in all the yummy FCAT goodies. The kids loved having some snacks before the test. Raahil's mom delivered this amazing flower cake. I just had to send a photo so you could see it.
     The kids had great STAMINA and gave the test 100%. Tomorrow we have session 2 of reading. Thursday and Friday will be math.
     Thursday is our FCAT is over pizza lunch under the pavilion. Rosamaria's family will be donating pizza for us to enjoy. If your child would prefer to bring their own lunch that is fine too.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Reminder: Next week is FCAT testing

Monday, April 15-Thursday, April 18th


Dear Parents,

                In preparation for FCAT, our administration has asked us to convey some very important information to you.  Please be aware that during FCAT, according to our test administration manuals, students may not have electronic devices on the day of testing.  If students are found with any electronic devices including cell phones, smartphones, watches with alarms, etc. during testing or breaks, their tests will be invalidated.  Please leave all electronic devices at home on the days your child is testing.

                Also, if students leave campus before completing the test ( for lunch, a medical appointment, etc.), they will not be allowed to complete the rest of the test for that sessions.  If a student does not feel well the day of the test, it may be best for the student to wait and be tested on a make-up day.  Please do not plan to pull out a child during our testing administration hours.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter.  If you are not able to reschedule a mandatory appointment, please contact your child’s teacher in advance to discuss some possible alternatives.

                Finally, Prior to testing, students will be asked to affirm a Testing Rules Acknowledgement that read:” I understand the testing rules that were just read to me. If I do not follow these rules, my test score may be invalidated.”  Students will be required to sign  to confirm they understand the rules.

                We know our students have worked very hard all year and we want to be able to celebrate their achievements and show all they have learned.  Thank you for your cooperation and helping our students to be successful!



Mrs. Donovan


Monday, April 8, 2013

Class News Week of April 8th

We did a mini FCAT practice test in class. I’m sending them home today graded. This is a portion of an actual test that was used in the past. I thought you may be interested to see the rigor of what’s expected of our children.


Reminders I need volunteers for water, juice, cups, plates, muffins, breakfast bars, fruit, bagels, and cream cheese the week of FCAT. Thank you to the parents who have already contacted me regarding food for our kiddos. This is the schedule so far. Let me know if anyone would like to fill in the missing items.


·         Monday (15th) Bars (Raahil) Bagels (Amanda)

·         Tuesday (16th) Muffins (Jack)

·         Wednesday (17th) Muffins (Amadeus)

·         Thursday (18th) Muffins (Amadeus)


I’m planning an FCAT is OVER celebration lunch for Thursday, 18th. We will be having pizza in class and some treats. You won’t need to send in lunch that day so mark your calendars now.


Time for Kids due this week on Friday. Again…no spelling this week. Don’t forget to fill out the reading logs.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Whale and Snail Project

Hi Everyone,
We just arrived in Florida And we are enjoying our time in the United States. We are in a little town of Indialantic And the school we’re going to visit tomorrow is right near the beach. We can hear the ocean waves from Mrs. Donovan’s house. She was so excited when we arrived. She is very nice and has a ton of animals at her house. My favorite is her yellow lab Emma. Once she tried to pick us up her her mouth. Mrs. Donovan told her to put us down gently.
We can’t wait tomorrow we are going to visit her classroom and meet her students. She mentioned how sweet they all were. We’re so glad to hear they are sweet 4th graders. They have a class blog too. We will share it with you at the end of our visit.
We must get some sleep to prepare for our first day at Indialantic Elementary. We will write back soon.


Click above to see the snail and whale project