Monday, April 8, 2013

Class News Week of April 8th

We did a mini FCAT practice test in class. I’m sending them home today graded. This is a portion of an actual test that was used in the past. I thought you may be interested to see the rigor of what’s expected of our children.


Reminders I need volunteers for water, juice, cups, plates, muffins, breakfast bars, fruit, bagels, and cream cheese the week of FCAT. Thank you to the parents who have already contacted me regarding food for our kiddos. This is the schedule so far. Let me know if anyone would like to fill in the missing items.


·         Monday (15th) Bars (Raahil) Bagels (Amanda)

·         Tuesday (16th) Muffins (Jack)

·         Wednesday (17th) Muffins (Amadeus)

·         Thursday (18th) Muffins (Amadeus)


I’m planning an FCAT is OVER celebration lunch for Thursday, 18th. We will be having pizza in class and some treats. You won’t need to send in lunch that day so mark your calendars now.


Time for Kids due this week on Friday. Again…no spelling this week. Don’t forget to fill out the reading logs.