Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Whale and Snail Project

Hi Everyone,
We just arrived in Florida And we are enjoying our time in the United States. We are in a little town of Indialantic And the school we’re going to visit tomorrow is right near the beach. We can hear the ocean waves from Mrs. Donovan’s house. She was so excited when we arrived. She is very nice and has a ton of animals at her house. My favorite is her yellow lab Emma. Once she tried to pick us up her her mouth. Mrs. Donovan told her to put us down gently.
We can’t wait tomorrow we are going to visit her classroom and meet her students. She mentioned how sweet they all were. We’re so glad to hear they are sweet 4th graders. They have a class blog too. We will share it with you at the end of our visit.
We must get some sleep to prepare for our first day at Indialantic Elementary. We will write back soon.


Click above to see the snail and whale project