Thursday, May 16, 2013

Math Homework Due May 21

Please have students work on math problems on the site:


I know it’s a busy time of year but they really need work on multiplication and division facts. This is a great way for them to practice.


They should practice each day and please write it down on paper and sign it and return it to school on Tuesday, May 21. This is an Edline grade. Thanks so much.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013



Happy Mother's Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. The kiddos worked hard to make the mason jar photos. Here are just a few of the photos for you to enjoy. We used the app OLD PHOTO on the IPAD.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NASA comes to visit

Posted: 13 May 2013 12:07 PM PDT
We had a fabulous aeronautics lesson on Friday.  NASA sent instructor Ms. Dotson to show us how Newton's laws impact rocketry.  It was a hands-on lab with the chance to test our rocket designs. Enjoy these highlights of our lesson! 
                               Thanks to Jane who created our iMovie of the event!  


Summer Reading Suggestions

Click below to see a video of some suggested books to read this summer.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bike to School Day!

We all met at Mrs. Donovan's for doughnuts and a fun ride to school. Thank you to Maddie's father for riding along with us. We had a little chain mishap and he fixed it right away.



Holding the Chicks

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bike To School Day! Tomorrow May 8th!

Meet at Mrs. Donovan's house at 7:15 let's bike to school.

Teacher Appreciation Day

It's going to be difficult to say good bye in just 11 days to my sweet students. Teacher Appreciation Week is going strong all around school. I just love seeing the kids coming in with flowers, little gift bags, and homemade cards.  I snapped just a few pictures this morning to share with you. I hope you know how thankful I am for all you've done to show your appreciation not just this week, but all year long. I've already cried twice today!

Class Gift Yesterday! Thanks everyone! I love it.

Homework Wordle Link

Students can use Tagxedo as well for the assignment.


We are just finishing a wonderful book that was on the Sunshine State List and highly recommended by Haley and Nina. Below is an article about it.

Born with several genetic abnormalities, 10-year-old August Pullman, called Auggie, dreams of being “ordinary.” Inside, he knows he’s like every other kid, but even after 27 surgeries, the central character of “Wonder” bears facial disfigurations so pronounced that people who see him for the first time do “that look-away thing” — if they manage to hide their shock and horror.


By R. J. Palacio
315 pp. Alfred A. Knopf. $15.99. (Middle grade; ages 8 to 12)
“Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse,” he says of his face as the book begins. He’s used to the stares and mean comments, but he’s still terrified to learn that his parents have gotten him into middle school at Beecher Prep and want him to go there rather than be home-schooled. But they persuade him to give it a try — and by the time this rich and memorable first novel by R. J. Palacio is over, it’s not just Auggie but everyone around him who has changed.
Stories about unusual children who long to fit in can be particularly wrenching. At their core lurks a kind of loneliness that stirs primal fears of abandonment and isolation. But Palacio gives Auggie a counterweight to his problems: He has the kind of warm and loving family many “normal” children lack. Among their ­— and the book’s — many strengths, the Pullmans share the, um, earthy sense of humor that all kids love. Over the years his parents, Nate and Isabel, have turned the disturbing story of Auggie’s birth into high comedy involving a flatulent nurse who fainted at the sight of him, and they persuade him to go to Beecher by riffing hilariously on the name of the school’s director, Mr. Tushman. It also helps that the Pullmans’ world — they live in a town house in “the hippie-stroller capital of upper Upper Manhattan” — is the privileged, educated upper-middle class, that hotbed of parents who hover and micromanage the lives of their perfectly fine children. It’s somehow weirdly satisfying to see what happens when something actually alarming enters this zone of needless anxiety. Palacio carves a wise and refreshing path, suggesting that while even a kid like August has to be set free to experience the struggles of life, the right type of closeness between parents and children is a transformative force for good.
But it’s Auggie and the rest of the children who are the real heart of “Wonder,” and Palacio captures the voices of girls and boys, fifth graders and teenagers, with equal skill, switching narrators every few chapters to include Auggie’s friends and his teenage sister, Via, who wrestles with her resentment, guilt and concern. “We circle around him like he’s still the baby he used to be,” she observes ruefully. And we see the vicious politics of fifth-grade popularity played out as the class bully targets Auggie and starts a campaign to shun him, culminating in an overnight school trip that turns scary and shuffles the social deck in ways no one could have imagined.
While I sobbed several times during “Wonder,” my 9-year-old daughter — who loved the book and has been pressing it on her friends — remained dry-eyed. She didn’t understand why I thought Auggie’s situation might upset her. “I like kids who are different,” she said. I realized that what makes her cry are stories in which children suffer because they have missing or neglectful parents and no one to take care of them. Perhaps Palacio’s most remarkable trick is leaving us with the impression that Auggie’s problems are surmountable in all the ways that count — that he is, in fact, in an enviable position.
Maria Russo is a frequent contributor to the Book Review.

Homework Due May 20th

Create a wordle using words that come to mind when you think about 4th grade. This is a language arts grade and must be printed and turned by the due date. It can be printed out in color or black and white. Have fun!


Link is above


Friday, May 3, 2013

Field Day! We WON Tug O War!

Enjoy the video! Thanks to all the parents who came out to cheer us on.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summer Help

Math Online

Math and Science

Kahn Academy (My Favorite)



Raz-Kids adds the anytime convenience, plus the ability to read, listen to or read and record what the student is reading. The "On Your Own" section provides access to all available books when both websites are licensed for use in your classroom. A 2013 CODiE Award Finalist!

And when you combine Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids, you get special access to 1,100+ additional eBooks and eQuizzes in the On Your Own area of Raz-Kids! You also can download the free app for iPad and Android tablets, ensuring your students can continue reading on their favorite devices!

Harris is visiting us to do SNAP CIRCUITS for science

Hands-on Electronics for Students

Mix a few Harris engineers, a set of Snap Circuit Kits and a room full of students, and what do you get? A fun, memorable and, not to mention, incredibly educational time for students to learn about electricity and to peak their interest in scientific and engineering careers!

Why do students enjoy this workshop so much?

¬  The projects are straightforward and tailored for the age of the student.

¬  The projects are designed to peak curiosity and allow students to discover new concepts on their own.

¬  The students work together in teams and often teach each other.

¬  The Harris engineers bring the projects to life and hope to motivate students who may be interested in careers in science or engineering.

Snap Circuit Model SC-300

This award winning electronics kit uses a unique, safe and easy ‘snap together’ technique which keeps the students focused on the scientific concepts being covered in the project rather than on meticulous ‘wiring’ of circuits. Because of this, the students can successfully complete meaningful projects with very little supervision, and there is always plenty of time left for explanation and discussion.

The kit contains a tremendous number of projects ranging from those that will fascinate a 3rd grader all the way up to projects that will interest and challenge a senior in high school.

Harris provides the Engineers

Harris is proud to offer engineers to lead and assist in these projects. These are people who enjoy science and math and hope to motivate the next generation to consider a career in science or engineering. They will not only share their knowledge with the students but also their enthusiasm for a field that is often misrepresented as boring.

Chick Fest 2013

We had a great time celebrating our CHICKS today in class. Thanks for all the CHICK themed treats.

LIve Stream of our Chicks Hatching

Visit this link to see footage of our chicks hatching.