Thursday, May 2, 2013

Harris is visiting us to do SNAP CIRCUITS for science

Hands-on Electronics for Students

Mix a few Harris engineers, a set of Snap Circuit Kits and a room full of students, and what do you get? A fun, memorable and, not to mention, incredibly educational time for students to learn about electricity and to peak their interest in scientific and engineering careers!

Why do students enjoy this workshop so much?

¬  The projects are straightforward and tailored for the age of the student.

¬  The projects are designed to peak curiosity and allow students to discover new concepts on their own.

¬  The students work together in teams and often teach each other.

¬  The Harris engineers bring the projects to life and hope to motivate students who may be interested in careers in science or engineering.

Snap Circuit Model SC-300

This award winning electronics kit uses a unique, safe and easy ‘snap together’ technique which keeps the students focused on the scientific concepts being covered in the project rather than on meticulous ‘wiring’ of circuits. Because of this, the students can successfully complete meaningful projects with very little supervision, and there is always plenty of time left for explanation and discussion.

The kit contains a tremendous number of projects ranging from those that will fascinate a 3rd grader all the way up to projects that will interest and challenge a senior in high school.

Harris provides the Engineers

Harris is proud to offer engineers to lead and assist in these projects. These are people who enjoy science and math and hope to motivate the next generation to consider a career in science or engineering. They will not only share their knowledge with the students but also their enthusiasm for a field that is often misrepresented as boring.